Idan Amedi- Yavo Machar

"Some things change in this life And there are things that never will" That's what Ran the drummer said to me just before we went on stage and meant his own heartbreak and longing.
Exactly three years ago
In the delivery room I experienced the happiest moment of my life-
The birth of my first daughter.
A few months later, some virus with a strange name came from the darkness and that's how we found ourselves locking ourselves in the houses.
While the world and my closest friends collapsed into their own troubles,
I would wake up to the first experiences of a girl,
For bright moments that to describe them I would need a river of words or maybe just a smile and silence.
Since we came out, parts of what was,
Engraved in us deeply
Parts are suppressed or disappeared as if they were not there.
That's how humans are.
We learn to adapt.
Breathe deeply, get used to it.
Sometimes we will grow and laugh
In other moments we will sink and worry
But the sun will consistently, stubbornly, continue to shine
Remind us that in every moment of pain there is also a moment of happiness waiting,
Because sometimes the god of luck closes our hand
And sometimes everything is in our favor.
And a few words for one who may in a few years read this,
Some things change in this life
And some things never.
And I promise I will do everything possible
And even if sometimes it's dark,
I promise that will come tomorrow.

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Amedi ♥️



Idan Amedi (born February 19, 1988, Adar 5758) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, musician, composer, songwriter and actor.
Amedi was born and raised in the city of Jerusalem and lived there until the end of his military service.
Amedi specializes in various martial arts, including taekwondo and Thai boxing.

The beginning of Amedi's career as a singer and creator was in an audition for "A Star Is Born" in which Amadi performed the song "Keev Shel Lohamim", which later won the 70th song in the Galgalatz parade.

Amedi is one of the most prominent and respected composers in the music industry in Israel today.

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