Idan Amedi (Album) - 2011

Idan Amedi is the debut album of the Israeli singer Idan Amidi, which was released in early September 5, 2011. The album was crowned a gold album after selling over 20,000 copies. The song "The Last Letter" was published as part of the project "Soon we will become a song" At the request of the family of Sgt. Moshe Ohayon who fell in Lebanon, Amadi received a bundle of letters, which the soldier wrote to his beloved at the time Much to her and to his family, Idan composed a song based entirely on quotes from these letters and composed it.

Album songs:

All songs were written and composed by Idan Amadi (except where otherwise noted).

  1. Nishkah ho nislah 3:43
  2. Israel 3:44
  3. Now 3:29
  4. Elaich 3:54
  5. Rats el haor 3:35
  6. Zamar medurot 3:43
  7. The Last Letter (His words were taken from the letters of the late Sgt. Moshe Ohayon) 3:19
  8. Zot ha'emet 3:39
  9. Tashlich 3:32
  10. Keev Shel Lochamim 3:18
  11. Ma Shenishar 4:07


Bazman Ha'hacharon - 2013

Bazman Ha'hacharon, is the second album by the Israeli singer and songwriter Idan Amedi, which was released in early February 2013. The song "Mamshich Litzod" was inspired by the book "Do not send your hand to the boy" by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau as part of the "Voice Still Remains" project. The rest of the album's songs were also written and composed by Amedi himself.

Album songs:

  1. Nigmar 4:17
  2. Bazman Ha'hacharon 3:34
  3. Az 4:54
  4. Mishum Ma 4:08
  5. Gam Ve Gam 3:01
  6. Hamaayan 3:56
  7. Tamid aya otach 3:34
  8. Dvarim Yafim Lirhot 3:25
  9. Mamshich Litzod 3:27
  10. Kshekol ze ikre 4:16
  11. Iye Lanu Tov 6:06


Ratsinu Liot - 2015

Ratsinu Liot is the third album by the Israeli singer and songwriter Idan Amedi that was released on May 17, 2015. All the songs on the album were written and composed by Amedi, except for the lyrics of "Ya Ribon Olam", written by Rabbi Israel Najara, which he performs on the album With his older brother, Elad.

Album songs:

  1. Hatchala Hadasha 3:54
  2. Kol Zikaron Yashan 4:19
  3. Menasim 3:40
  4. Karov 3:53
  5. Hasheket Halavan 3:05
  6. Michtav Mehodu 4:34
  7. Taamula 3:38
  8. Ratsinu Liot 3:50
  9. Ya Ribon Olam (ft. Elad Amedi) 5:11
  10. Zman 3:22


Helek Mehazman - 2017

Helek Mehazman is the fourth studio album of the singer Idan Amedi, which was released in 2017. Before the release of the album, three singles had already been released for the radio stations - "Ad Sheyahale Hayom Haba", "Helek Mehazman" and "Achshav Kulam Rokdim".
The album reached platinum status within a few weeks.

Album songs:

  1. Basof 3:12
  2. Ad Sheyahale Hayom Haba 4:23
  3. Helek Mehazman 3:43
  4. Mirpeset 4:16
  5. Achshav Kulam Rokdim 3:45
  6. America 3:58
  7. Ein Otach 3:53
  8. Osher 3:35
  9. Lifnei Kama Dakot 3:57
  10. Tmunat Nof 1:57